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roel vandebeek

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  • Client | Roel Vandebeek
    Identity and Webdesign | Stijn Van Doorslaer
    Website development | Irene Yevsyukova
    Copywriting | Holly Jade Courtenay
    Photography | Renaat Nijs

Unveiling of a digital frontier, where the work of a Belgian product designer gets its place. For over 25 years, Roel Vandebeek’s groundbreaking designs have surprised audiences, yet their online presence failed to reflect the breadth and depth of his career. With dedication, we crafted a Webflow site where over 100 projects find a home, cataloged for exploration. Intuitively designed with seamless navigation, his work now shines on the stage it rightfully deserves.

A recurring horizontal center line in the opening section of a website acts as a memorable, clear divider, elegantly separating key elements such as headings and body content.
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Introducing the logotype for Roel, inspired by the fluidity of an artist's signature. Animated to evoke the constant evolution of creativity, it embodies the essence of reinvention and innovation, mirroring the motion of expression.
The comprehensive project database filter empowers users to effortlessly search for any keyword while navigating through his extensive portfolio of over 100 projects.
Envision's color palette reflects the hues of desert landscapes, inspired by the vastness of South Africa where our tents are crafted. Add some crew stickers and it offers a glimpse into our personal approach.
Design that cultivates the unpredictable. Roel infuses design language into his work across a spectrum of multidisciplinary services.
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