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  • Brand Strategy
    Design System
    Art Direction

  • Client | Envision Tents
    Identity and Webdesign | Stijn Van Doorslaer
    Website development | Irene Yevsyukova
    Copywriting | Holly Jade Courtenay

Welcome to the reimagined world of Envision, an event solutions company based in Belgium, on a mission to turn nonspace wastelands into experiential wonderlands. We encapsulated their visionary ethos into a digital realm with a brand identity that echoes Envision's commitment to innovation. Leveraging the power of Webflow, we sculpted a custom website through fusing design and technology, reflecting the essence of Envision's high-end tent structures. Dive into curated case studies and explore the tent product module.

Creative thinking is supported in part by the ability to imagine the future — the capacity to envision experiences that have not yet occurred.
Complexe processen moeiteloos aangepakt.
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Interactive UI design enriches the website experience by having visitors engage with the navigation cultivating connection and leaving a lasting first impression.
En op het scherm? Ook daar het puur functionele overstijgen. En karakter tonen, net als de gebouwen. Schoonheid in een natuurlijke flow die gewoon goed voelt.
Envision's color palette reflects the hues of desert landscapes, inspired by the vastness of South Africa where their tents are crafted. Add some crew stickers and it offers a glimpse into their personal approach.
Komplex in het kort? Mama said knock you out. Naast sweaters voor het hele team, laten werfborden en raamstickers de nieuwe identiteit voor zich spreken.
The logo icon seamlessly blends an eye with an arch, symbolizing their innovative approach to hi-tech tent structures.
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