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Admiration motivates self-improvement through learning from role models. It's 'a social emotion evoked by people of competence, talent, or skill exceeding standards' and the topic for this personal project.

For this personal project I express my gratitude to certain people in the world who've done great things recently and have inspired me along many others. Since the start of this year I do so by creating typographic pieces as an hommage, titled Name to Frame.

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(—Marcel Proust)
Respected Belgian bed manufacturer
Quality label for Recor Bedding
Not Your Average Magazine
Youth talent event
Microhouse label logo
Flemish haute brasserie
Administrative business optimization
Accountancy firm
Conceptual food event inspired by music
Ergonomic consultancy business
Film and photography studio
Brussels bagel shop
Hospital gift store logo proposal
Fairtrade food concept logo proposal
Vijf TV channel pitch logo proposal
Management partnership
Legendary themed house and techno party concept Feestgedruis
Brussels based house and techno booking agency
Private equity consultancy
Electronic band from The Netherlands
Antwerp based record label
Belgian brasserie franchise by Creneau
Regionale TV Media logo proposal
Breakfast and lunch restaurant in Hasselt
Bakery at Schiphol Airport
Quarterly brochure on literature in the city
Cinematographer from Ghent
Brunch event
Radio 2 summer event
Event consultancy from Antwerp
Cyclist cafe in Deinze
Personal training and corporate events
Interior decoration business
Hold Your Shoes product logo concept
Music event in a castle
Campaign logo the entrepreneur union
Colors Festival event
Real estate office in Antwerp
Progressive house event by Sweet Trade
Corporate films studio in Ghent
Music label based in Berlin
Electro swing band from Antwerp
Corporate film studio
Online city guide
Music collective honoring synths from the golden days
De Winning's genuine food brand
Dutch hospital restaurant franchise
Electronic music event concept from Ghent
Consulting business
NU Festival logo proposal
Local bed and mattress manufacturer

No. 04 — Marie (Poulin)
Notion pro & designer of digital ecosystems at Oki Doki

No. 09 — Marc (Mâhfoud)
Multitalented musician & producer

No. 08 — Kobe (Bryant † 26.01.2020) Basketball legend, producer, father & perseverer

No. 16 — Daniel (Schmachtenberger) Future thinker & co-founder of Neurohacker

No. 05 — Benjamin (Hardy)
Phd, bestselling author, organizational psychologist and mentor

No. 06 — Felix (Pfäffli)
Founder of Swiss graphic design Studio Feixen

No. 15 — Satoshi (Nakamoto)
Pseudoname for the inventor of the blockchain and Bitcoin

No. 13 — Helen (Folasade Adu aka Sade) Soul singer & style icon

No. 01 — Panamarenko (Henri Van Herwegen † 14.12.2019) Prominent assemblagist Belgian sculptor

No. 02 — Alex (Grey)
Visionary artist & founder of COSM

No. 10 — Zaha (Hadid † 31.03.2016) Renowned & prize winning architect

No. 18 — Bill (Watterson)
Creator of the comic Calvin and Hobbes

No. 07 — Alina (Wheeler)
Speaker, consultant & author of Designing Brand Identity

No. 03 — Sam (Shepherd) Electronic musician at Floating Points & neuroscientist

No. 14 — Aubrey (Marcus)
Founder of Onnit & bestselling author

No. 12 — Wim (Hof aka Iceman)
Extreme athlete & world record holder

No. 19 — Melanie (De Biasio)
Belgian jazz singer & flutist

No. 17 — Ida (Daugaard)
Danish dj & minimalistic storyteller at Laut und Luise

No. 19 — Nima (Nabavi)
Geometric abstract artist based in Dubai

No. 11 — Ákos (Major)
Minimalist landscape photographer

“And they continued to regard all their absurdities in the most rosy light through the admiring eyes of love”
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