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  • Agency: Bonka Circus
    Creative Direction: Bart Gielen

Every day more local entrepreneurs are disappearing under pressure of foreign e-commerce and their web shops. However, there are so many benefits to buying local: it's better for the environment, for the economy and moreover, the experience of buying locally is often great added value.

Together with UNIZO we came up with the term 'Winkelhier'. A Winkelhier is a name for all local entrepreneurs, a quality mark that they can be proud of. Businesses can integrate the Winkelhier logo on their webshop or shop window to show that you are buying locally from them. In addition, consumers are doing the act of 'winkelhieren', which is to buy local consciously.

→ 'Winkelhieren' was chosen as Word of the Year 2019 by Van Dale dictionary

The two 'digital' arrows in the logo can be interpreted as incoming and outgoing payments
Think globally, act locally
When the logo is combined with a word it creates a sentence, making it into a statement of the person carrying the tote bag.

For the mobile version of the responsive website an abbreviated version of the logo replaces the original.

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